- A shortcut can be used by typing in the browser's address line the name of the part as follows: www.scootersupport.com/ITEMNAME.htm where the part you want, e.g., throttle, replaces ITEMNAME. For example, www.scootersupport.com/throttle.htm

- The Index Page has the next most direct links for all generic scooter parts as listed in general alphabetical order. From the Index page you can quickly go to an individual part to see the picture and description and place the order using the ADD TO CART button. Individual Parts are listed alphabetically beginning in the left column of the page as you scroll down a short distance. Other OEM Parts listings in the lower left and right column are parts for specific Scooter Models, such as X-treme and Razor, and these parts add to the individual parts available for purchase. Most parts will fit other brands of scooters, too. Some of these OEM name brand parts are stocked for immediate shipment while most are shipped from our OEM parts warehouses directly to you. Clicking these name brand parts links also takes you directly to the individual part for details and purchase.

The light purple index box on the top left of the page contains links to all sections of our website. When the cursor moves over one of the links the light purple line above this box will reveal more link areas and information. Placing your cursor over the Scooter Parts - Major Areas of Need link reveals areas where parts are grouped: Batteries, Belts, Electrical, Miscellaneous, Motors, Tires and Wheels. Moving the cursor out and over one of these Areas and clicking will take you to a new page. On these pages you will find a collection of popular parts we sell specific to the Area you selected. Each of the pages also has an index.

More links are available in the upper right column to guide you to Scooter Sales by brand, and part indexes for a specific brand model of scooter. Each scooter brand and model has a link to supported parts. Once at the model's parts page you can look through all the specific parts listed for that model. Many parts are listed, but some parts not listed may also be available by emailing us.

- Email us as much information as you have for what you need. If we don't have it then we may be able to get it for you.


- Once you've found the part you want then simple press the associated ADD TO CART or BUY NOW icon buttons which will open a new browser window with your current SHOPPING CART contents listed. Each item appears with a description and part number, the total price per item is now indicated with shipping included, the quantity can be changed to reflect how many of an item you want to order, and the total of your items and total purchase is tallied less any state tax that would be charged for those state customers only. So you can see how much you will be charged prior to entering personal and financial information with the exception of a 10% handling and processing fee for orders under $190 (3.5% above $190) to be added later on the total of the order (this is explained in our Terms of Sale as an adjustment to increased shipping costs we no longer can absorb and must pass along in a final surcharge to correct the shipping and fees associated with your order). If you want to make changes you can click REMOVE or change the Quantity and then click Update.

NOTE #1: Some listed parts have more than one shopping cart ADD TO CART button where you can order 1, 2, or 3 of an item at a time using the different associated buttons. Doing so provides a price break for lower shipping and merchandise reflection and saves having to adjust the quantity in the Shopping Cart.
NOTE #2: Some listed parts have drop down selection menus which allow you to select a choice for that particular part, like size or color. Make sure you open the drop down menu and highlight your choice of entries listed to provide a proper and complete selection of parts. This information will also be shown in the Shopping Cart.

- Now that you are assured you have all the desired items in your Shopping Cart you will press the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button on the Shopping Cart page. A new page will open where your information will be collected.

- If you are a Paypal member you can bypass the information collection by entering your Paypal Account name and password where indicated. If you are not a paypal member you may not see this option. Whether you are a paypal member or not you can use a credit card by entering your personal information on this secure server site by pressing the CONTINUE link on the left side of the page if the billing information page did not appear. Be sure to provide only your credit card billing address for the shipping address. A validation error will result if you try to ship to another address. Enter the telephone number associated with your shipping address, if possible, or a home land-line number. Later in the message option you can enter cell or other contact numbers. Many carriers will be calling for delivery instructions.

- Once all the required information is entered and submitted you will see a new confirmation page with a PAY BUTTON. Also on this page is the ability to include a message to us, so look the page over before you PAY and provide any additional information in the MESSAGE TO SELLER.

- Finally a new page opens indicating you have sucessfully made the order. A transaction number will be generated by Paypal for your reference and to verify you have made the order. An email will be sent to your provided address. You also are provided the option to join Paypal very quickly by entering a password and creating the account. Close the window when you are ready. Soon you will receive an email from us about your shipment and tracking information with the subject ORDER SHIPPING or for OEM Parts order, ORDER RECEIVED. Your order content will be confirmed and if you find a mistake you will still have a brief opportunity to cancel or make changes to your order information and content before it ships. Otherwise you should receive your order in 1-6 business days by the indicated carrier we select as the best and fastest shipping method for your order. More information is provided in our Order Policies, Terms of Sale page.