Introduction. API provides exclusive warranty as described on this page to all purchasers of X-treme Scooters whether purchased online from a dealership or any authorized sales organization. All claims involve using the SUPPORT TICKET SYSTEM provided for customer issues as explained to a technician and responded to accordingly in email fashion. If you do not use the Support Ticket and dialog with the technician you will stall the process of warranty coverage. When pictures are required, send them to customercare@alphaproductsintl.com as an attachment (3 - 4 pictures maximum). Be sure to provide a phone number where you can be reached soon after creating a support ticket. And if the issue involves transit damage be sure to create a ticket the same day you receive the shipment! All warranty parts are only shipped free with no shipping charge the first shipment. Any warranty issues for parts after the first shipment require the customer to pay shipping.

Warranty (last updated 10/04/2007)

X-Treme Scooters offers a 30-day limited bumper-to-bumper manufacturers warranty on all scooters and accessories on all models and 90 days on selected models. Selected models include Electric Bicycle's XB-350 - XB-500 - XB-508 XB-600.

The warranty starts the day the scooter is delivered to you. This warranty covers factory defects and defaults only. We do not cover misuse or broken parts caused by the user or by any other event. X-Treme will pay for standard shipping service costs on the first warranty shipment only. Any additional warranty parts that are needed will require the customer to pay all shipping costs.

Battery Warranty

We offer a full 6-month even trade warranty on defective batteries. If any battery should become faulty within 6 months from the purchase date we will replace the battery free of charge. X-Treme requires that defective batteries be returned to us for exchange. X-Treme Scooters does not pay the shipping fee's to return the batteries to us however we will pay to ship the replacement batteries back to you. If you have questions about our warranty, please contact our support department by opening a ticket only. A friendly representative will get back to you quickly. Our support department winter hours are Monday through Thursday 9AM to 4 PM Central Standard Time. Summer hours are 5 days per week.

Gasoline Engine Warranty

We offer a 30 day warranty on all gas engines for all models. We offer a 1 year engine warranty on selected ATV's & Moped Motorcycles models: XA-110 - XA-112 - XA-114 - XA-150 - XM-50 - XM-150 XM-155. The 1 year engine warranty warrants against factory defects only. Defective engines must be returned to X-Treme Scooters at the customers expense & will be replaced if X-Treme Scooters determines the engine is defective due to a factory defect.

X-Treme Scooters will pay the shipping cost to send the replacement engine to the customer.

Limited Warranty Details

What is covered & what is not covered:

1. Scooter Body: Damage to any plastic/fiberglass part that is a result of shipping is covered only if it occurred during shipping. Shipping damage must be reported immediately after delivery to be covered under warranty. Otherwise, the plastic/fiberglass body parts are not covered under this warranty. If, after careful inspection by our technical support department it is determined that the scooter was damaged during shipping (digital photos may be required by e-mail) , X-Treme scooters at it's discretion will supply free of charge the necessary replacement parts to fix the damaged scooter. X-Treme will not pay labor charges to install such parts.

2. Tires, tubes & kick stands: These items are NOT covered unless they are damaged as a result of shipping.

3. During the first 30 days of the warranty: X-Treme Scooters will replace any defective part free of charge and free of shipping charge to the end user of the scooter. X-Treme may require certain parts to be shipped back to X-Treme before replacing those parts. Shipping costs back to X-Treme must be paid for by the end user / customer. Call tags will never be issued.

Pocket Bike & Gas Scooters Models Starting With 'XG' Warranty: "Manufactures defects will only be covered"

1. Engines are covered. Each engine is started, tuned up and tested before we ship the pocket bike or gas scooter to you. Failure to premix oil with the gas voids the engine warranty.

2. Pull starters are not covered. Spare scooter pull starters can be purchased online.

3. Tires, tubes & flat tires are not covered unless damaged during shipping. (Damage must be reported to us immediately.

Return Policy:

Scooter & pocket bike returns are not allowed.

In the rare occasion that a special circumstance scooter return is allowed, the scooter must be packed up in it's original shipping carton, all accessories and parts must be included and you must write our RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number clearly on the outside of the carton or we will refuse your shipment.

Any scooter or pocket bike that arrives at our warehouse without a valid authorized RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization) on the outside of the shipping carton will be refused. X-Treme Scooters will not be responsible for shipping charges on returned items. Freight collect and COD packages will not be accepted. We never issue call tags. Any unauthorized returns will be subject to a $35.00 restocking fee plus the cost of shipping.

Order Cancellation Policy:

Before completing your purchase, please confirm that you have selected the correct item(s), color(s), accessories, etc. Due to the high volume of orders we receive and the speed at which we process these orders, once an order is placed it is generally processed & shipped immediately therefore we have a NO cancellation policy after an order has been placed.

Lifetime Technical Support:

Lifetime technical support is provided to each customer that purchases an X-Treme Scooter. To access our technical support department click on this link to open a support ticket. After a support ticket has been opened an X-Treme Scooter technician will respond to your ticket and an e-mail will be sent to you. If you would like to speak to a technician by phone, include your phone number on the ticket and ask the technician to contact you. Tickets are answered in the order received. Your initial posting puts you in line for the next technician to assist you. Should you post to your ticket before a technician responds, you will move your ticket to the bottom of the list so to ensure a quick reply, do not to post again until a tech replies to you.


X-Treme Scooters Manufacturers & Wholesale Distributors is not responsible for the proper or improper use of merchandise sold. We care about our customers and urge you to exercise caution and take necessary safety measures to protect yourself while engaging in cycling. X-Treme Scooters encourages, begs, and asks that you wear a helmet and use appropriate lighting while riding at night regardless of the legal requirements in your particular state. Potential customers, you should check with your local law enforcement agency before purchasing about age requirements for riding electric scooters, gas scooters & pocket bikes. Some states may have laws restricting the use of these items on public streets, generally all states allow them on private property such as campgrounds, parks etc .... but many states have age requirements and most states require helmets and protective equipment to be worn by certain age children. Pocket bikes with racing slicks should not be used on wet or slippery roads. Please always scoot safely. Know your laws before you go scootin. We will not take back a scooter if you find your laws do not permit your child to ride it. Check first.